Reply To: Experience of jhana


I have often explained that I don’t like to discuss jhanic experiences.
– Since I have not attained the Angami stage yet, I do not have Ariya jhana.

My advice is to focus on getting to the Sotapanna stage and not jhana.
– Some people get to anariya jhana on the way to the Sotapanna stage automatically, and some don’t.
Many people can get to anariya jhanas without understanding Buddha Dhamma. Gotama Buddha (before attaining the Buddhahood) learned how to get into anariya jhanas from two yogis who had the highest jhanas. Those two yogis did not know anything about Buddha Dhamma.

We all have attained the highest jhana in many previous lives. Even those in the animal realm or the apayas have attained those highest jhanas in previous lives, too.
– I don’t understand this obsession with jhanas. No matter how much I explain, these questions keep coming up.
– That is not to say that even anariya jhanas are bad. If you can get into jhanas, that is good. But don’t be misled and get stuck in “jhanic pleasures.” I personally know people who are “stuck.” The goal should be to get to the Sotapanna stage.
– Jhanas don’t get one to be free of the apayas; the Sotapanna stage does.