Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


–Christian said:
Saying that jhana may be hindrance is very bad Lang, …

I meant to say: for those starting out on “meditation”, and this is a Sotapanna forum, having jhana as a focal point brings certain unnecessary problems. I should have used “problems” instead of “hindrances” because of the other context of “5 hindrances”.

I listed a few “problems”, but another very common one is what Lal mentioned:

“– For example, I know that some people are discouraged by their inability to attain jhanas.”

This is quite common for people practicing samatha meditation — breath, kasina.

— Christian said:
“… and you will actually have more raga and dosa by doing “anicca sanna” dry”

I have seen this from a few jhana teachers as well: a dry mind cannot grasp deep insights.

I assume that by “dry” they meant a mind not in or near a jhana state, probably the same thing Christian referred to as “regular consciousness” and “everyday mind”.

In my experience, there is nothing “dry” about niramisa sukha. About insights, one does develop them over time — via living a moral life and learning true Dhamma — and those insights are stable and get absorbed into how one lives their life.