Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


1. It is not good to propagate things that may lead to misconceptions. There are many misconceptions about jhanas today. They can have very bad consequences.
– For example, I know that some people are discouraged by their inability to attain jhanas. But some of them may even have the Sotapanna Anugami stage. The specific conditions REQUIRED to attain Sotapanna Anugami/Sotapanna stages are listed in over 70 suttas (same conditions) provided in my previous comment above.
(P.S. I realized later that the English translation in those 70 suttas do not explain TWO keywords: “aveccappasāda” and “Ariyakanta sīla.” See, “Cakkavattirāja Sutta (SN 55.1)
– Those REQUIRE the comprehension of the Four Noble Truths/Tilakkhana/Paticca Samuppada.
– That is explained in the post, “Sotapatti Anga – The Four Qualities of a Sotāpanna.” See #4 there.)

– I am also aware of some who believe they have Ariya jhanas, but they live normal family lives. They are being misled. As I have shown, one needs to be an Anagami to attain even the first Ariya jhana.

2. All that is REQUIRED to attain ANY magga phala is “anuloma samadhi.”
– That is shown at the end of the post, “Citta Vīthi – Processing of Sense Inputs” where the conditions for magga phala and jhana are listed.