Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


There are plenty of suttas that say you can attain Nibbana, through jhanas, I would say the majority. To attain Nibbana and deepen insight one needs to have a pure mind to understand Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta deeper there is no other way, you will never be able to understand Anicca Dukkha Anatta in regular consciousness or “everyday mind”. All the basis of understanding true nature in the world is based on getting rid of 5 hindrances that block that understanding, once you get rid of those you will be in jhana, whatever you want it or not – the only thing you do not need is formless jhanas.

Saying that jhana may be hindrance is very bad Lang, one should practice chanting + understanding Anicca, Dukkha, and Anatta – how something that may help you understand Dhamma better can be a hindrance? It make no sense :)