Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


My point in referring to article was that modern life cannot be sustained and future human life will have much suffering in form of dukkha dukkha then present modern life. obviously I have learned from you lal, that suffering buddha referred to was future suffering. and I do realize the suffering of 4 lower realms.

I Have belief that world is not to our liking. It is fair by laws of kamma. everyone gets what they deserve, yet it is obviously not to liking.

There is no problem in experiencing sensory pleasures. The problem is to ATTACH TO such sensory pleasures and to engage in activities that will prolong the rebirth process.

I know yet, whenever I experience any sense pleasure, I am always afraid of its consequences and I am afraid to attach to them. I have understood how cravings keeps us in 31 realms.

although sensual pleasures directly do not creates suffering, when they are experienced, there is chance that we might attach to them. I am afraid of such attachment.

Do I have correct understanding, lal?