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Dear Lal,

Thank you for the reply. It was quite informative e.g. with hadaya vathu. So, I believe I am beginning to formulate a big picture. Let me know if I am close to clear understanding. My sequence may be incorrect.

Kammic energy, which properties (conditions) are determined individually by one’s actions both past and present, is the linking energy determining the future rebirth. Kammic properties are influenced, in part by strong arammana, either positive or negative, but if I am correct, the arammana is similar to intent in concept; it is therefore the trigger for a cause which produces an effect.

The body dies:
1. Cuti Patisandhi takes place.
2. The gandhabba leaves the dead body. (Little confused here: If hadaya-vithu is the key element of gandhabba, does this mean that the hadaya vithu of the dead person transfers to the new life as a part of the gandhabba?) You instruction: “A hadaya vatthu for a future existence arises due to a specific kammic energy created in this life and previous lives.”
3. Kammic energy, in the form of kamma bija, produces the hadaya vithu? (This step may be misplaced and or misunderstood.)
4. The hadaya vathu and the gandhabba from the dead person lie in wait for a matching womb(?). (I am not sure if this is the correct perspective.)
5. The last citta vithi of the person’s death will be the first of the new body. (Citta Vithi remains, for lack of a better description, active, alive (?) in a similar way as a computer’s motherboard battery keeps the clock alive. Your instruction: “…the last citta vithi from this hadaya vatthu will run, which will be focused on an arammana corresponding to the
STRONGEST kamma from my past.”

Not sure if I am close. But, here is where I encounter fog. Which attribute seeks the new womb? Is it the gandhabba or the kamma bija? OR is the kamma bija an element of the gandhabba or the other way around. I suppose I am having difficulty placing these various elements of the death and rebirth process in sequence. I imagine that some of the elements are not necessarily sequential, but may be concurrent. Still, I am having a bit of difficulty putting then in order. I am not sure you can see how I am trying to put the process into some kind of order. If I could, I think it would make more sense to me. I do not think that I have a very abstract way of thinking. I have very strong creative tendencies, painting, drawing, music, cooking, designing, writing, gardening, etc.

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