Reply To: Ghandhabba, Jati, Vinnana (Consciousness)


I appreciate your effort, Dipo. Thank you, Lang, for providing valuable input.

It is just that I have been somewhat frustrated with another discussion forum recently. I have been trying to explain certain problems with the current status of Buddha Dhamma. Most texts in English are quite wrong. But even the moderators at that forum seem to be incapable of seeing the obvious problems in English translations. See “Distortion of Pāli Keywords in Paṭicca Samuppāda.”

Anyway, I will think about how to clarify certain concepts relevant to the present discussion in more detail and provide links to some more relevant posts.
– Dipo: In the meantime, please read up on the posts that I referred to earlier and the ones that Lang mentioned. We appreciate your efforts and will do our best to help. As you realized, it is important to understand some basic concepts that have been misinterpreted for so long. It is not your fault.