Reply To: Ghandhabba, Jati, Vinnana (Consciousness)


Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. I will review what you wrote again, as-well-as a review of PS. My understanding of certain things is somewhat basic. However, digging for the true meaning on the Buddha’s teachings is a privilege, and at my age, I have not the time to waste. I am not content with mere recitation or knowing a little bit about the Buddha Dhamma. I am content risking being honest despite causing myself to appear to be stupid to others at times. If I appear to be stupid to others who is it that holds the hot coal? Those emotions are anathema to me, and have no meaning.

The most wonderful thing that I have learned from the Buddha Dhamma is to see the world as it really is, and how very deeply this world is drowning in delusion. How much gratitude I feel secretly for the privilege of even having access to the Buddha Dhamma; the opportunity, and the fact that it makes sense. I suppose that there is a kammic reason that somehow the Buddha Dhamma seems familiar to me and makes sense once I contemplate and reflect on the purpose and connection behind the teaching. ඔබ මා සමඟ ඉවසීමට ස්තූතියි