Reply To: Ghandhabba, Jati, Vinnana (Consciousness)


Acchariyo! Anumodati

So, then if I understand you correctly, in the case of Angulimala, his previous life strong arammana, which negatively influenced his kamma, became washed away by the fact that he was able to overcome very strong avijja, thus awakening to the truth about the nature of his own reality. Therefore, his last citta vithi, stemming from his previous hadaya vatthu was active. This was the cause of his arammana, which corresponded to the STRONGEST kamma from his past actions. He was attached to that strong arammana. Therefore, his previous kammic imprint (kammic energy) was the cause of his hadaya vatthu. Given Angulimala’s awakening (realization) this would negate this hadaya vatthu when the new gandhabba finds its way to a new life.

Previous to Angulimala’s birth, as Angulimala, his last cuti patisandhi combined with a series of domino-like events, influenced by his negative kammic imprint, thus defining his hadaya vatthu, which grasped at that “mindset,” so that when a gandhabba became active for his life as Angulimala, he was born as a murderer. Is this assessment fairly close?