Reply To: Ghandhabba, Jati, Vinnana (Consciousness)


Hello Dipo,

You wrote: “In February 2022 an article was published in Nature containing the first line:

“Understanding how consciousness arises from neural activity
remains one of the biggest challenges for neuroscience.”

My Comments:

1. That would be THE challenge IF one is working on the HYPOTHESIS, that consciousness MUST arise in the brain.

2. However, Buddha Dhamma is BASED ON the HYPOTHESIS that consciousness can arise ONLY in a hadaya vatthu created by kammic energy. As we know, hadaya vatthu is the key element in a gandhabba.
– As I have explained, in Buddha Dhamma, the brain plays a role, but consciousness DOES NOT arise in the brain.
– That is CONFIRMED by rebirth accounts by children all over the world. In recent years, EVEN MORE STRONG evidence has emerged from accounts of Nead-Death Experiences (NDE):
Near-Death Experiences (NDE): Brain Is Not the Mind
– These accounts show that, (i) there can be consciousness without a brain (NDE accounts), and (ii) consciousness can propagate through different lives (rebirth accounts) while the brain is limited to just one life.

3. Thus, one HYPOTHESIS from #1 and #2 above must be incorrect.
– There is no way for both to be true.

I would like to hear your thoughts.