Reply To: Vipassana Meditation After Sotapanna Stage


Yash said:

“And my one more question is that during any meditation session, say Ariya Metta Bhavana, do we have to contemplate on the same concept for hours? The mind becomes tired by contemplating on the same concept. Please help me solve this issue”.

The Meditation section, if you haven’t gone through them, should give you guidance on this. I revisit this section time and time again.

Bhāvanā (Meditation)

Near the end of that series, Lal shared his own experience of his practice of Bojjhaṅga Bhāvanā and metta Bhāvanā:

Bojjhaṅga Bhāvanā and metta Bhāvanā

I look forward to any new experiences Lal will be sharing in this forum thread.