Reply To: Early Buddhist Meditation The Four Jhanas as the Actualization of Insight


Both Ariya and anariya jhana REQUIRE one to abstain from akusala kamma and sensual pleasures. The standard verse includes, “vivicceva kāmehi vivicca akusalehi dhammehi..”

In the anariya case, many yogis attained the highest jhana by avoiding sensual pleasures via living in jungles, without seeing women or other sensual temptations.

But an Ariya SEES the dangers in sensual pleasures once comprehending the anicca, dukkha, anatta nature.
– After seeing that they can live among temptations and may still get to jhana.

The MAIN difference is that avijja is only SUPPRESSED in anariya jhana. Avijja is gradually REMOVED in Ariyas whether they attain jhana on the way or not.
– Devadatta had not only anariya jhana but also iddhi (supernormal) powers. But he lost all that and was born in an apaya. That is the nature of anariya jhana.

Isn’t that all one needs to know regarding Ariya/anariya jhana?