Reply To: Dhammapada book


I happen to have 3:

The Dhammapada

by Narada

This one has brief stories and notes to accompany the verses.

The Dhammapada
Verses and Stories

Translated by Daw Mya Tin

This one is bigger because the stories are more extensive. The stories are in a different section of the book, so you’ll have to flip back and forth. There are also notes that accompany the verses.

The Dhammapada
The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom

Translated by Buddharakkhita

The thinnest book of the 3: just the verses and translation.

Hope you’ll find one you like; there are so many out there, with some free pdf books online.

For me, I need as much background and context as possible, so I like (2) the most among the above 3.