Reply To: SN 15.20 / DN 26 reverse/forward evolution


I would not call it “human evolution.”

1. “Human existence” is determined by the lifetime of the gandhabba, the “mental body.”

2. The “physical body” is just a shell that allows a human to experience gandha (odors), rasa (tastes), and phottabba (touches). The duration of that physical body is subjected to environmental conditions.
– Even now, in some poor countries, “physical-body lifetime” is around 50 years, while in some others it is around 100 years.
– Over long times it can change from around 10 years (when the environment is bad) to around 80,000 or so years when the conditions are optimum.
– However, the lifetime of human existence DOES NOT depend on such environmental conditions.It depends solely on the kammic energy.