Reply To: Post on Anidassana, Appaṭigha Rupa Due to Anidassana Viññāṇa


Yes. A viññāṇa (future expectation) becomes stronger via aññamañña PS: “nāmarūpa paccayā viññāna” followed by “viññāna paccayā nāmarūpa” followed by “nāmarūpa paccayā viññāna”, …
– It is a feedback loop that makes both nāmarūpa and viññāna grow.

It is discussed in “Viññāna Paccayā Nāmarūpa

Yes. It can work for a “mundane task” like a shopping list too.

Now, something else can come up to break that viññāṇa (future expectation).
– In the case of the shopping list for tomorrow, for example, if it turns out that you had to leave home immediately to go to a different city, that viññāṇa can “break” and you may not recall the shopping list anymore. Your mind then “knows” that there is no more need for that particualr shopping list.

P.S. Also see, “Āsēvana and Aññamañña Paccayā