Reply To: A question about second jhana


Please give the bullet # when quoting, so that I don’t have to read the whole post to find it.

Where does the quote appear?

P.S. I later saw that TGS has sent me an email too.

I think the confusion arose because of the following.

1. In the Suttas, there are only four jhana mentioned.
2. In Abhidhamma, the second jhana is split into two: “avitakka vicāramattaṃ samādhi (absence of vitakka with a trace of vicāra left)” AND “avitakka AVICARA samādhi (absence of BOTH vitakka and vicara)”

P.P.S: Most suttas have just one (second one in the suttas) with “avitakka AVICARA samādhi (absence of BOTH vitakka and vicara)”.

The verse that TGS quote appears in #13 in the post “Vitakka, Vicāra, Savitakka, Savicāra, and Avitakka, Avicāra
– So, it appears that different suttas describe jhanas a bit differently.
– But the main difference is whether there are 4 or 5 rupavacara jhanas, as mentioned above.

Feel free to ask questions if this is not the issue.