Reply To: Did the Buddha Discriminate Against Women?

Tobias G

See Ja 120:

“… Then the king had the sixty-four men bound and sent for the queen. And she confessed to having had guilty converse with the men. Then the king ordered off all the sixty-four to be beheaded.

But at this point the Bodhisatta cried out, “Nay, sire, the men are not to blame; for they were constrained by the queen. Wherefore pardon them. And as for the queen—she is not to blame, for the passions of women are insatiate, and she does but act according to her inborn nature. Wherefore, pardon her also, O king.”

Upon this entreaty the king was merciful, and so the Bodhisatta saved the lives of the queen and the sixty-four men, and he gave them each a place to dwell in. …

The Bodhisatta says the queen is not to blame because she acts as per her inborn nature (asava/ditthi/gati). But that means a murderer is also not to blame because he just acts according to his gati/ditthi. It is a strange judgement from the Bodhisatta.
Also the Bodhisatta sees all woman as insatiate.