Reply To: Hadaya vatthu in asanna realm


The “B B B …” is what? Is that just the mode of presentation for “bhavanga” and there is no real bhavanga citta?

That’s actually a good way to put it: just a way to represent “bhavanga“.

When there is no citta vithi running, then we have the bhavanga state, the “baseline” for that bhava (bhava + anga).

In several places we have used the analogy of being under anesthesia for bhavanga. Those of us who have gone through operations (I’ve had a few) should know this well:

We are wheeled to the operating room.
The doctor connects us to some IV.
We wake up in the recovery room.

A few hours have passed, for our family members waiting for us, but those hours did not exist for us. There was no citta vithi during the operation, but there were still the hadaya vatthu + pasada rupa.

Using the shielding metaphor, the body under anesthesia shields our mind (gandhabba). It seems like an asanna being is shielded by “kammic anesthesia”.