Reply To: Did the Buddha Discriminate Against Women?


“Where is that described in the Tipitaka?”

There may not be a direct description like that in the Tipitaka.
– We need to understand that Tipitaka provides only the basic framework.
– We need to make sure that anything that we derive is NOT contradictory to the Tipitaka.
– If anyone can present contradictory evidence, we can discuss that. That is how we sort out issues like this.

“Can the gender change during a bhava, so one jati as female, another as male?”
– Yes. I specifically stated that above.
– In fact, there is a direct Tipitaka reference for that. One time, a wealthy person saw a young Arahant taking a bath in a river. That Arahant had an attractive physique and immoral thoughts about that Arahant came to the mind of that person. His sex changed instantaneously. He lived the life of a woman for several years and had a couple of babies too. Later on, he met that Arahant again was able to switch back to become a male.
– I don’t remember the Tipitaka reference. If anyone knows, please post.