Reply To: post on Akusala Citta and Akusala Vipāka Citta


I had made a basic error of assuming that all sensory events occur due to kamma vipaka.
– Of course, bad (and good) kamma (actions) are likely to bring vipaka in the future.

However, bad (and good) sensory experiences can happen due to many reasons. Kamma vipaka is only one cause. I am not sure why I did not even think about that.

The Buddha explained that in, for example, “Sīvaka Sutta (SN 36.21)“.
– One English translation there: “36.21. Sivaka

As I mentioned above, a sensory event is initiated by a pañcadvāravajjana citta or a manōdvāravajjana citta.
– Those two are categorized as “functional citta” in Table 1.3, p. 43 of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book (CMA) mentioned above. Those are NOT direct kusala/akusala vipaka.
– That is probably what Daniel referred to as well.

So, all six processes (per MN 148 that Tobias listed in the first post on this thread) are initiated by those “two functional citta”.
– The sixth process that Tobias referred to, “manañca paṭicca dhammē ca uppajjāti manōviññāṇaṃ” initiated by a manōdvāravajjana citta.. It is not a good or bad kamma vipaka. It is a “functional citta” that can arise as needed.

I guess there is nothing to be revised in the post that Tobias referred to: “Akusala Citta and Akusala Vipāka Citta
– I have split the post into two sections (akusala citta and akusala vipaka citta) in that post.
– Please let me know if it needs any revision or if there are further questions.