Reply To: post on Akusala Citta and Akusala Vipāka Citta


Comments by Daniel:

Daniel: “In the unwholesome-vipaka list, there are the 5 that lead to the 5 senses- event that Lal list in his article.”
– Yes. They are also listed on p. 43 Table 1.3 in CMA (book by Bhikkhu Bodhi).
– There 5 more for wholesome-vipaka listed in the same Table.
– All those come through the 5 physical senses.

Daniel: “Then there are two more unwholesome-resultants, the receiving and investigating consciousness.”
– Those are NOT the initial vipaka citta. They are two cittas that follow the vipaka citta in a citta vithi with 17 citta representing a sense input coming through the 5 physical senses; see. p. 155 of CMA.
– So, those two citta are NOT vipaka citta initiating a manodvara process.

What I am saying is that there is no citta on Table 1.3 representing a vipaka citta coming through the manodvara.
– If you look at the 6 processes that Tobias posted in his first post at the top of this thread:
cakkhuñca paṭicca rūpē ca uppajjāti cakkhuviññāṇaṃ,
sōtañca paṭicca saddē ca uppajjāti sōtaviññāṇaṃ,
ghānañca paṭicca gandhē ca uppajjāti ghānaviññāṇaṃ ,
jivhañca paṭicca rasē ca uppajjāti jivhāviññāṇaṃ,
kāyañca paṭicca phōṭṭhabbē ca uppajjāti kāyaviññāṇaṃ
manañca paṭicca dhammē ca uppajjāti manōviññāṇaṃ

there is no vipaka citta representing the 6th process that I highlighted above in Table 1.3.
– That is the issue to tackle.
– By the way, my post that Tobias referred to does not address that either. I just did not notice it at the time.