Reply To: post on Akusala Citta and Akusala Vipāka Citta


Tobias wrote: “No, a door freed citta performs the rebirth linking for every being.”

A citta DOES NOT perform rebirth linking.
– In the last citta vithi, at the fifth javana, creates the javana power to make the MINDSET (temporary bhavanga) for the kammic energy to create the next bhava. The “temporary bhavanga” is explained at: “State of Mind in the Absence of Citta Vithi – Bhavaṅga” and “Bhava and Bhavaṅga – Simply Explained!
– Creation of the manomaya kaya i.e., the hadaya vatthu and any appropriate pasada rupa) is NOT done by a citta. It is done by kammic energy (that is why “gandhabba kaya” or “manomaya kaya” is a “kammaja kaya”).

I cannot explain it any more than this right now. I need to finish the next post. But feel free to comment or raise questions.
– You and others can continue the discussion if needed. I will comment whenever I can.