Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Hi TripleGemStudent,
Thank you for all the good tips and all the links, on your above comment.
I have realized that I don’t need to read and listen a whole bunch and overload my brain.
It would be better to listen and read less, contemplate on it and absorb it. I was overdoing it and it was being counterproductive.
It is like eating, one can eat fast and end up over eating and get sick with indigestion, on the other hand if one learns to eat slowly and chews properly, one eats less and the body absorbs it, and one can stay very healthy, the same goes with reading and listening too much and not contemplating properly.
It is a bad habit from the previous path I had followed, where too much importance was given to spiritual vibrations. It is true to some extent, but one has to learn to absorb the material, parrot like listening and chanting is not going to help one achieve the goal.
I have started to reduce it, but I am maintaining my quota of listening to suttas and trying to memorize it. I enjoy it and I can feel it is tremendously helping me at this point of life.
I feel very fortunate to be receiving good guidance from the puredhamma forum.
Thank you again and wish you all the best on your spiritual journey.