Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Hi Raj,

You mentioned “Unfortunately I cant meditate for many hours”

One of the pieces of advice that I wanted to share with you was to expand your view and understanding of what meditation is.

Lal mentioned

“In any case, it is a good idea to read the posts in the Meditation section”

I hope you have read Lal post above carefully. One can miss out important information if you quickly just read over it without some contemplation afterwards.

“As far as English discourses by others, I think those by “Dharmayai Obayi” seem to be good”

Here’s the link to the playlist of the English sermons by Dharmayai Obai

From the same Sangha, here are stories of Arahants if you’re looking for some inspirations and short lesson’s

One of my to go learning places.

Unfortunately there’s only 4 short video’s here in English, but so far based on my own understanding. The teaching here, I can’t find any flaws or disagree with anything.

When I first started on Puredhamma, I was able to learn some things from this teacher. You might be interested in this as I believe this teacher teaches somewhere in the middle of what we learn here at Puredhamma and the Theravada Buddhism that’s “popularly” being taught out there.

Lal mentioned

“My advice is to stop trying to read/listen to all that is out there. Just focus on one path for some time. If that doesn’t seem to be right then try another.”

This is another advice that I wanted to share with you. The links that I have posted above in my opinion can “kinda” help one focus on the path with what we’re learning here. But one would have to use their discernment to see what makes sense to them or not, as I don’t agree with everything that’s being taught or mentioned in those links that I provided you. But nevertheless, they still can be beneficial. I would highly recommend that you read the material on this site first or as much as you can. If you not feeling like reading from here at the current moment or you want to listen to something instead, then you can check out the links that I have provided. As well there are desena’s (talks) on here as well. Maybe Lal can point them out to you.

Hope this helps