Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Hello Raj:

The 16-step Anapanasati meditation is really for those who have attained the Sotapanna stage. I have not done a post on that yet. (See the P.S. below).

First, one needs to understand that Anapanasati is NOT breath meditation.

I have referred you to several posts on that earlier. Apparently, you don’t read what I suggest OR just read but don’t grasp the material. In any case, it is a good idea to read the posts in the Meditation section:
Bhāvanā (Meditation)
– The difference between Anapanasati and breath meditation is discussed in several posts there.

It is a good idea to read that section from the beginning. Most people are looking for “fancy meditation techniques.” But we need to understand that Nibbana is “ragakkhaya, dosakkhaya, mohakkhaya” or getting rid of “greed, hate/anger/ignorance (of the Noble Truths).
– So, one needs to start at a basic level and build upon that basic foundation.

By the time you have read the posts in that section, hopefully, you will understand how Ariya Metta Bhavana works.

Don’t worry. I understand that there is so much stuff out there and it is hard to figure out who is right.
– I cannot say I am right. But I do point out the inconsistencies in some stuff out there.
– It is up to each person to decide.

My advice is to stop trying to read/listen to all that is out there. Just focus on one path for some time. If that doesn’t seem to be right then try another.

As far as English discourses by others, I think those by “Dharmayai Obayi” seem to be good. I have listened to a couple, and some people on this forum have commented that they are good.

P.S. Anapanasati is the SAME as Satipatthana. To put it another way, when one cultivates Anapanasati, one would automatically cultivate Satipatthana. That is stated in the Anapanasati Sutta (MN 118).
– It is just that cultivation of Anapanasati/Satipatthana would have optimum results AFTER the Sotapanna stage.
– You can read the posts on Satipatthana here: “Mahā Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta
– But I would recommend going through the Meditation section BEFORE reading these posts.