Reply To: Post on Gandhabba – Only in Human and Animal Realms


That is right.

In some rare cases, the mental state of the mother could be different from her “normal state”. For example, in the case of rape. In that case, a gandhabba matching that particular “state of mind” can take hold of the zygote. But there could be other cases, where the change could be good or bad.
– In cases like that, that gandhabba may be pulled out by kammic energy at a later time. That could result in a miscarriage.

Of course, these cases are complex, involving many factors.

P.S. It is important to note that the mental state of the mother at the time of gandhabba entering the womb that relevant.
– For example, in a rape situation, a mother’s mental state is likely to be “bad”.
– However, if the gandhabba enters the womb a day or two later, what is relevant is the mental state of the mother at that time.