Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Hi Lang,
Thanks for the tip, I am planning on doing an online course on metta meditation in the near future.
I am happy to hear that you have also heard the same talk from Bhante Vimalarasi several times.
Which other monks you listen to?
I used to listen to Bhikku Yuttadhammo a lot, but I don’t follow his meditation technique. I have heard hundreds of talks by him. Just on the Dhammapada topic, I have heard him about three to four hundred times. He has give 200+ talks on the Dhammapada, and some of them I have heard it 5 to 10 times, I enjoy repeated hearings. Some of those stories are excellent and uplifting!
Some of the other monks I listen to are Ajhan Brahmali, Ajhan Amaro, Ajhan Cha and several others.
I listen to whatever pops up on my sidebars. I must have heard at least 30 to 40 monks.
Please share your realizations when you get a chance.
I had shared my yahoo mail, I also just created a new gmail. Some people like gmail for some reason.

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Wish you all the best,