Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Hi Raj,

Here’s the link to the talk (just use the “link” icon when you write a post, and it’s self-explanatory).

What is a Jhana? Commentaries vs Suttas – Meaning?

I listened to this talk a number of times before, read a couple of books by Bhante, and got to know David Johnson well via email.

Bhante devised a method called the 6Rs. I have not attended a retreat with Bhante, but I see nothing here that is contrary to Buddha Dhamma.

— You said:
“In my sessions I would do 90% vipassana and 10% metta.”

If you attend this retreat you may as well do it fully as instructed, just like you would do a Goenka course. After all, you can tell the Goenka centers that you practice metta, which should have no interference with the Goenka’s style of vipassana.