Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


I have listened to many of Thannissaro Bhikku’s talks in the past few years. Some of them multiple times.
Generally his theme is how to breath and make one feel comfortable in the meditation process, and I presume it is to be able to get into Jhana.
I understand and agree with Lalji that our goal is get out of samsara and not to experience the pleasure of jhana.
But I was thinking for those of us who cannot make significant progress in this lifetime, the time and the process of death would be great opportunity. I have heard that death can be a painful experience. But if we are good at and have learned the process (by Thanissaro Bhikku) to ignore the pain, we can have a clearer mind and leave the body with the intention of making further progress on the path, which will give us a birth which will be favorable to continue the 8 fold noble path.

I have also listened several times to Bhante Vimalaramsi, in one particular talk he teaches how to get into the first Jhana. He says that the Buddha gave great emphasis to Jhana and that is because it is the path to Nibnanna.
It is an hour and 16 minutes talk, but in the 1st 25 minutes itself he talks about all these points.
I have given the link below, I hope others will listen and give their input.

Bhante Vimalaramsi teaches Metta meditation. I attended a 10 day retreat in Missouri last year
because Goenka Vipassana centres were closed due to the pandemic.
I was not sure what it was but went anyway to break my addiction to watch tv on presidential polictics.
I wanted to leave on the 1st day because it was very different from vipassana. I liked the peace and quite, so I stayed but did his technique partially. In my sessions I would do 90% vipassana and 10% metta. By doing that, it would not disqualify me to do the 30 day vipassana course which I had planned to do in 2021.

With all the limitations and travel restrictions due to the pandemic, I am extremely grateful to
be able to participate in the puredhamma forum.