Reply To: A thought on Paticca Samuppada and Nibbana


Ravi wrote: “Therefore, when we do not attach a value to anything, Avijja does Not arise,..”

That is true. However, “not giving value to worldly things” CANNOT be done just by willpower.

Rather, the mind WOULD NOT “give value to worldly things” once it starts comprehending the anicca, dukkha, anatta nature, i.e., that worldly things cannot be maintained to one’s expectations over long times (anicca); if one does then suffering will arise (dukkha), and thus one will be without refuge in the rebirth process (anatta).
– Of course, that is only one way to express Tilakkhana.

In other words, “giving up” becomes a natural, automatic process with the true understanding of Tilakkhana.
– That is why the Sotapanna attainment will NEVER be lost. One would have understood the unfruitfulness/danger in attaching to worldly things.
– Of course, one will initially give up only immoral deeds seeking sensory pleasures. A Sotapanna would still enjoy “harmless sensory pleasures”. Giving up most sensory pleasures happens only at the Anagami stage.