Reply To: A Self-inquiry on Emptiness and request for support


Hi Iodonyo,

In regards to meditation, something to keep in mind is that meditation isn’t limited to just sitting down crossed legged with eyes closed. From my own observation, this is one of the major mistakes meditators make today. One can meditate in any of the four postures. In one of Lal’s post he writes that “Just contemplating on good thoughts and suppressing bad thoughts as they arise throughout the day is also meditation (this was the original definition of Bhavana).

Do you think one should just limit themselves to doing this while just sitting down? Depending on how the person defines what meditation is, from my own experience, one still can meditate while playing video games. Is this something that I would recommend to someone? Not really, but if someone is already in the process of playing a video game and has given in to their cravings. We still can find ways to bring the Buddha Dhamma into practice while playing video games or in almost of our everyday activities. If we ever get far enough into this discussion, I might share my experience of playing video games and what the Buddha dhamma has done for me in this regards.


I’m glad to see that you’re asking such a question. A piece of advice that I can share with you is that while walking on any spiritual path, the most important person that we need to convince whether what we’re learning is correct or not is ourselves.

Hopefully some of the following posts will help you to gain some idea’s on how to figure out what you’re learning if they are correct or not.

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This might not be directly related to video games, but I believe this post might be helpful in regards to what you and Lal were discussing.

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