Reply To: A Self-inquiry on Emptiness and request for support


Yes. This topic could be confusing. The following are key points to remember.

1. The perception of “me” and “mine” are GOING TO BE THERE in everyone below the Arahant stage.
– This is exactly why all living beings go through the rebirth process.
– So, don’t try to lose upadana by force. It is a long process to get there.
– The first thing is to get rid of bad habits by seeing the bad consequences of such bad habits.

2. In brief, that perception (innate feeling) of a “me” CANNOT be removed by willpower.

3. Instead, we first need to realize that it is UNFRUITFUL to take things as “mine” especially if we tend to do immoral things to get hold of them.
– When one starts comprehending the anicca nature, one will first realize the truth of the above statement. However, to understand the “anicca nature” one needs to first calm one’s mind by stopping activities like playing video games, watching too much TV, etc.
– That “seeing” happens at the Sotapanna Anugami stage, and one gets there by learning Dhamma.
– But even after “seeing that truth” the perception of a “me” WILL NOT go away. It is a step-by-step process to get rid of the “me”/”mine” mindset. That process is completed at the Arahant stage, and there are very few Arahants living today. So, we all are trying to “get there” gradually.

So, I think you picked one of the deeper/complex posts to start.
– I would recommend starting learning more basic concepts first in the “Living Dhamma” section.
– In particular, read the post “Is It Necessary for a Buddhist to Eliminate Sensual Desires?

Now, to get rid of the habit of playing too many video games, you can use a simple approach.
– Just think about the bad consequences of continuing that habit. You are wasting valuable time on an activity that does not lead to any real benefit.
– Furthermore, activities such as playing video games and watching too much TV lead to an agitated mind. I guess you have realized that.
– Try to break that habit by switching to a better activity like reading or exercising (even walking is beneficial).
– When you start calming the mind, you will be able to learn Dhamma easier.

I do not know the background of you or anyone else. Some people have had some exposure to Buddha Dhamma (Buddhism) and some may not have any background. The post that you referred to is suited for someone with a good background in Buddha Dhamma.
– So, one needs to look at different sections on the website decide “where to start”.