Reply To: Proposed Tipitaka Conservation Bill in Sri Lanka


1) Is Dharmayai Obai run by Ven. Waharaka Thero’s students?
– Yes.

2) If this law gets passed are there going to be any problems for Dharmayai Obai?
– As I understand the Bill is under revision. We need to wait to see the revisions.

3) Are there any other monasteries associated with Ven. Waharaka Thero?
– Yes.

4) What are the names of monasteries that are trying to pass the bill?
– Many. Before Waharaka Thero, virtually all monasteries followed the “wrong interpretations”. They were just passing down the same distorted teachings that have come down for many centuries dating back to Buddhaghosa and even before that. One needs to spend some time to get a good idea of the degradation of Buddha’s teachings over many centuries: “Historical Background