Reply To: Rebirth Account of Dorothy Eady


Thank you, Lalji, for your explanation and I sincerely appreciate your help.
I have another question regarding this topic.
The Buddha had encountered Dipankara Buddha thousands of eons ago. After that as a Boddhisatta, he took many forms (including many animal forms, as per Jataka tales), and on the night of his enlightenment he could see all these forms.
So there was a continuity, it was the same individual, from the time he saw Dipankara Buddha, till the time he got enlightened under the Bodhi tree.
What was it which remained same throughout that period?
Is it the same Gandhabba undergoing slight modifications but still the same.
In the vedic school, there is something called (achintya bedhaabedha) simultaneously one and different, in other words, an inconceivable phenomenon.