Reply To: Rebirth Account of Dorothy Eady


The statement below is what I am familiar with but that is not my belief. I used to believe or
accepted it because that I what I was told by the popular spiritual teachers. But now I am skeptical and want to understand the Buddha’s viewpoint. In the past, I was cautioned that the Buddha should be respected but not to accept his teachings, he was supposedly an incarnation of
God who preached against vedic teachings to confuse people. Only after listening to the talks by Buddhist monks and studying some suttas I realized what I was told was all nonsense, it was a ploy to keep their followers from the teachings of the Buddha. Why would God preach for 40 years to confuse people, it is ridiculous, and whoever reads the suttas can immediately see that ploy.

One of the popular Vedic perspective (there are several variations) is as follows:

The soul is caged in the body consisting of the 5 gross elements (earth, water, fire, air ether).
The mind, intelligence and ego are subtle elements. After death, the souls transmigrates to the
next body in the subtle vehicle of mind, intelligence and ego.
Liberation is the state where one is freed from bondage and ego is given up (monistic schools) and one merges and become one with Parabrahman which is a state of unlimited joy, or the ego is purified (dualistic schools) and one exists eternally and serves God.
In the monistic school individual identity is given up and one ceases to exist, in the dualistic
school, the identity is maintained as an eternal servant of God.