Reply To: Rebirth Account of Dorothy Eady


Sir, my main quest is to understand if the concept of a soul was prevalent during the time of the
Buddha and does the Mahayana sect of Buddhism believe in the concept of the soul? Did the Buddha
ever discuss the subject matter?
Since it is obvious that we are not the body or the mind, what are we? All the vedic sects have
a simple answer that we are individual souls (that is the only things they agree in common, other
than that, it is full of contradictions.) Did the Buddha give a simplistic answer to who we are, since we are not the body or the mind?
I am not interested to discuss Brahmaloka, parabrahman ect, I want to learn the Buddha’s teachings. I apologize for bringing up the subject.
There is a difference between Brahmaloka which is the residence of Lord Brahma and Parabrahman, if you are interested you can google it, you will get the details. The dualistic school and monistic school have different concepts of the Parabrahman. The different sects of vedic schools have lot of contradictions.
Fortunately in Buddhism there is only some minor differences, the fundamentals are the same.
I am glad that you have made the Buddha’s teachings available to the world, if possible please
guide me as to which suttas I need to study to get a better understanding.
Thankyou again for creating this site.