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I agree with you on the Charles Parkhurst case.

The simultaneous controlling of multiple bodies seems far fetched. The overlap is big, more than 20 years.

From the case I read in Dr. Stevenson’s book, it seems however possible to me, that Gandhabba can take hold of a body that is already developed more than just a baby in the womb.

But this would have to mean that the original Gandhabba controlling the body leaves for some good reason. And it would imply a noticable change of personality reported by the people surrounding that body.

In the case of Kohler and Schulz, it is one of the cases where the overlap is small, maximum 1 or 2 years. Then, a change in personality might not be discernable.
Possibly Rupert subconsciously matched his past, or it was true. The original Gandhabba of Rupert’s body just left around the time of Helmut Kohler’s death.

If you want, I can send you the report on the case studied in the book that I mentioned above, where the individual reports that he has been advised to “enter the body” of the 3,5 year old child by a “sadu” (holy spirit/Gandhabba).

Another interesting case is that of

Nai Leng Consciously Experiences Death & Rebirth: Past Life Story of Nai Leng | Chaokhun Rajsuthajarn (Choate)

It is interesting because there is a description of a conscious “entering womb process”. The Person describes his time as a Gandhabba, visiting his pregnant sister, adoring the child she gave birth to, and somehow finding himself being drawn into the body of that baby, taking hold of that baby.
I assume the original Gandhabb left.

Here is a quote:”
Reincarnation: Nai Leng Enters Choate’s Infant Body

“After a while, thinking that she was again asleep, I came out to get another glimpse of the child. She again opened her eyes and said the same thing to me. I went back to hide. I told myself that the time had come for me to decide once and for all. I was torn between two feelings. Although I would like to stay, yet I should go; indeed I must go. Before leaving, however, I wish to get another good look at the child. This time I dared not approach lest she reproach me once more. Thus, I poked only my head out. After obtaining a good look, I started to go away again.

As soon as I turned, my body began spinning like a top. I could not regain my balance. I tried to cover my head, face and ears with my hands before I fell unconscious. At that point I thought I was dead.

I did not know how long it was before I regained consciousness. I was wondering where I was. Concentration and recollection told me that not long before this I was Nai Leng. I felt myself full of vigor. Recalling all of the past, I wondered why I was in such a helpless condition. I felt somewhat frustrated.” (9)

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