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Your link in the above post did not work, Daniel.

I found the following, which could be the same:
Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives: The Reincarnation Cases of Charles Parkhurst | Alice Cary | Penney Peirce

Towards the end, it says: “Alice Cary, the earliest incarnation in this series of lives, was born in 1820 and died in 1871. Charles Parkhurst was born in 1842, at a time when Alice Cary was 22 years old. Alice Cary died in 1871 at the age of 51, at a time when Parkhurst was 29 years old. As such, the lifetimes of Cary and Parkhurst overlapped by 29 years.
– That is not possible. How can the same gandhabba live in two different bodies?

The above link provides a link to a study by Ian Stevenson on the same subject:”Past Life Story with Split Incarnation, Suicide, Karma & Past Life Ability: Reincarnation Case of Helmut Kohler | Ruprecht Schultz
It has the following accounts:
“Helmut was devastated by his financial losses. On November 16, 1887, after attending a celebration for the festival day called the Day of Repentance and Prayer, Helmut went back to his office. He put a revolver to his temple and shot himself in the head. He died on November 23, 1887.” AND
“Ruprecht Schultz was born on October 19, 1887, in Berlin, Germany to Christian parents, five weeks before Helmut Kohler died. As such, if this reincarnation case is accepted, it represents a case of split incarnation, where a soul can inhabit more than one human body at a time. Consider that Ruprecht was in the womb for 8 months while Helmut was still alive.”

– That is also not acceptable because of the same problem mentioned above. One gandhabba CANNOT live in two physical bodies at the same time. That would defy logic.
– It also says, “Ian Stevenson noted that Ruprecht’s memories were vague at first, but over time, they became clearer and clearer.” That could be because Rupert came to know about Helmut Kohler’s connection and subconscuously tried to “match his events with the events of Helmut Kohler’s life.

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