Reply To: Ledi Sayadaw and Translations


It turns out that I have a copy of the book that DanielSt referred to. I must have read it some years back. I just glanced through it.

In Part Three of the section “The Sammaditthi Dipanai,” there is a discussion on the concept of “attā.”
– I read through the first few pages of that section and it is quite clear that his teachings were very much influenced by the Europeans.
– At the beginning of the book there is a Biography of Ledi Sayadaw. Towards the end, it says, “In 1912 he was awarded a title by the British government.”

The “conversion” of Buddhist concepts started much earlier than 1912.
– For example, I refer to a book by James D’Alwis, that detailed the “Tipitaka English” convention, published in 1870:
Tipiṭaka English” Convention Adopted by Early European Scholars – Part 1