Reply To: Ayatana and indriya


Hello Lal,
I understand your point. Maybe it is a bit technical to consider this, but then it seems that in the avyakata PS cycles there is a defiled perception, but it is not arising due to “avijja” or “unwise acting”? Otherwise, there would also be akusala-mula PS cycles run in that time.
In another article you wrote that mano sankharas are generated in that part of the citta. These would be the sankharas that are mentioned in the avyakata PS as well, I suppose.

I see it in your statement:

“This happens within a billionth of a second and we DO NOT have control over that initial response either; manō saṅkhāra are generated AUTOMATICALLY in one’s mind. These are also part of the avyākata citta since they arise AUTOMATICALLY within the same citta vīthi.”
In the post about Avyakata PS.