Reply To: Ayatana and indriya


Hello Daniel,

This is a finer technical point.

In principle, all indriya of anyone below the Arahant stage work as “ayatana” from the very beginning.
– In the “seeing event” that you described, the cakkhudvara citta vithi starts with “cakkhuñca paṭicca rūpe ca uppajjāti cakkhuviññāṇaṃ.” That citta is one of 17 cittas in that citta vithi.
– However, each citta has vedana and sanna as 2 of the 7 universal cetasika.
– Anyone below the Arahant stage is not likely to have the “correct perception (sanna)”, i.e., any citta WILL NOT be a Pure citta or a pabhassara citta. But an arahant’s citta will not be contaminated.

Therefore, even if one may not take an unwise action based on that arammana, it is still a defiled perception in a technical sense.
– But your point is taken. We don’t act unwisely all the time.