Reply To: Ayatana and indriya


You write in above article that I posted (Contact):
“When we see person X, for example, that is contact (phassa) between our internal āyatana (eyes or more correctly, cakkhu pasāda rūpa) and external āyatana (an image of person X in this case). That is the process stated in verse, “cakkhuñca paṭicca rūpe ca uppajjāti cakkhuviññāṇaṃ.” The word “paṭicca” here refers to that contact (phassa).”

Shouldn’t the initial contact of a rupa with the pasada rupa be such that the pasada rupa of our Gandhabba is called indriya at that time?
Here, you refer to passada rupa as internal ayatana.
Then, pasada rupa delivers the energy to hadaya vatthu in 17 vibrations.
The contact that is samphassa should start only with the Javana cittas, where the pasada rupa becomes ayatana and makes contact with lobha,dosa,moha energies.

(This is my understanding)

Cakkhuindriya should also be pasada rupa, right?
When someone is an Arahant, he will also have above process and his “seeing” will also arise in the Gandhabba.

Is that correct?

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