Reply To: Hadaya vatthu in asanna realm


Dear Seng Kiat,
On page 223 it is written:
“Immediately after that has ceased: Following the dissolution mo-
ment of the death consciousness, there arises in a new existence the re-
birth-linking consciousness apprehending the object thus obtained in the
final javana process of the previous life. This citta is supported by the
heart-base in realms which include matter, but is baseless in the imma-
terial realms. It is generated by a volitional formation, i.e. the kamma
of the previous javana process, which in turn is grounded in the twin
roots of the round of existence, latent ignorance and latent craving. The
rebirth consciousness is conjoined with its mental adjuncts, i.e. the
cetasikas, which it serves as a forerunner not in the sense that it pre-
cedes them, but in that it acts as their locus (or foundation).”

That sounds to me, as if according to Ven. Bodhi there is no matter at all in the arupa realms.

Another (not related) text I found on page 239:
“Material phenomenon of the heart (hadayar³pa): On the heart-
base, see III, §20. The heart-base has the characteristic of being the
material support for the mind element and the mind-consciousness
element (see III, §21). Its function is to uphold them. It is manifested
as the carrying of these elements. It is to be found in dependence on the
blood inside the heart, and is assisted by the four great essentials and
maintained by the life faculty.”

It is to be found in dependence on the blood inside the heart.
I heard this also from my meditation teacher here in Myanmar. He also believes that the mind only enters a body when the heart forms and not at the moment of conception.

This blood-dependency is in contradiction to the Gandhabba idea, I think.
I think it is due to commentary?

Best wishes,