Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Just want to add a few more points to the above post.

Goenkaji makes a comment that there are students who hit a century (meaning sat on a hundred courses) and still don’t understand the technique. They play the sensation game (happy when they
experience pleasurable sensations and unhappy when the painful one arise).

He explicitly explains that we need to simply observe, can’t pick and choose, and if we fail, we can regress. It is a waste of time regardless of how many courses one has done.
He makes significant and important statements on his talks, but since we are not allowed to take
notes, we tend to forget. Also some of us are drowsy, we are not allowed to stand up, we have to
sit during the talks. There has been times I have dozed off during the talk and regretted later.

In my case, I was forced to work a little bit harder because my wife and son would tease me that I have not changed. Every time I loose my temper they would gang up and make fun of me.
When I analyze myself, I have improved a lot. My consistent listening to dhammatalks from various
sources and trying to put it into practice is certainly a contributing factor.

This puredhamma site is certainly proving to be a booster on this path, and hopefully I will
make some significant progress. I feel extremely grateful to Lalji. (I hope he does not mind me
referring to him as Lalji, in India you add (ji) to your teacher and elders).