Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Sir, you are absolutely right when you say the instructors don’t know what is samphassa ja vedana, most of them don’t but there may be a few who do.

I myself did not have a clue what the term was, but having heard six set of six (over and over again on audio) read by Bhante Vimalaramse (he reads a translation by Bhikku Bodhi and has a very soothing voice), I put two and two together and made a statement on post 34781 that the vipassana topic is further explained in chachaka sutta.

But when you said that I was wrong, I just accepted your statement because I felt if you said so,
it must be true.

But when you placed the question yesterday in that manner, I took the time to understand properly what the term meant and analyzed it with the vipassana practice and
I remembered that Mr. Goenka instructs his students in one of his final lectures on how to
progress on the path.
Though I said I will listen to all his discourses again, I have only managed to listen to about half of his day one discourse, but I think he makes this statement on his day 10 or final day 11 discourse. I will check it out and get back to you.

He does say that many students do the course over and over again without properly understanding
the technique and they are not able to progress.
I have done an equivalent of 120 days (if I add the 7 ten day, 3 sattipattana, one 20 day and 3 short courses) and I have also served in six ten day courses also, but surprisingly did not have a clue of the term sampassa ja vedana.
I have also heard dhamma talks from over 50 different monks and dhamma scholars. I listen to whatever pops up on youtube, I find it hard to read but feel more inclined to listen.
I also read topics on, and other dhamma sites. I have a tendency to jump from site to site, but your site is the best, and I hope to start studying and taking notes from
I am very grateful to have this one on one interaction with a person like you who knows the topic
so well.
I sincerely hope that I will get an opportunity to learn more from you.
Thankyou for your time and patience.