Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


I read the bhavana meditation portion of the link. It is very helpful and the entire puredhamma website is a treasure of information for sincere seekers.
But in all fairness to Mr. Goenka, the students are allowed to move, re-adjust and find a comfortable posture. Only on the fifth day he recommends not to move, for three one hour sits, but it is not strictly enforced. Rest of the time the students are allowed to move, standup and even walk outside. He stresses the importance of Sila, that, it is the foundation of samadhi and panya. On his daily discourses, he gives enough information to kindle one’s curiosity in the teachings of the Buddha.
The course gives one an opportunity to live like a monk for ten days and accumulate a little bit of
the 10 paramittas.
The course is a window to the wonderful teachings of the Buddha and those who have the good fortune
can explore the teachings on their own.