Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Thank you, Lang. You have understood!

Bodily vedana are due to kamma vipaka.
– But “kamma vipaka” do not necessarily mean “vipaka due to kamma done in the past” even though that is a big part.
– Vipaka for actions can materialize right away. For example, if one jumps off a cliff (kamma or action), he is going to be subjected to a lot of physical pain, if not death (kamma vipaka).
– When people feel bodily sensations (mostly due to postures that they are not used to), those are results of “getting into such uncomfortable postures”! It is as simple as that.
– But those instructors keep saying “bear the pain and it will go away”. It will go away due to one of two reasons. The body may get used to it gradually or in the worst case, the pain may go away when nerves are damaged. Either way, it has nothing to do with vedananupassana!

As we can see, vedanupassana (and kayanupassana, cittanupassana) can be done in any posture, at any time! But Dhammanupassana is best done in “formal mediation”. However, the other three types of “anupasana” involve Dhammanupassana.
– I hope to provide a detailed discussion in the upcoming posts.

Yes. As Lang wrote, in vedananupassana, one needs to be mindful about “samphassa-ja-vedana” via defiled thoughts, as I explained in my first response to the comments by raj.
– There, I gave references to read.
– Those who have not yet understood should read those recommended posts. Please feel free to ask questions, AFTER reading them. People start asking more questions/make comments without reading recommended material. It is a complete waste of time!
– Don’t think Buddha Dhamma can be understood by just reading a post or two.

I do understand that we have been put in this position due to wrong teachings over many hundreds of years. So, it is going to be a bit difficult to discard those wrong views/practices. But it MUST be done to make progress.