Reply To: Kasina meditation?


#1 I think it is time to write a couple of posts on “bhavana.” I will try to do that in the coming weeks.

#2 Yes. Jhana and abhinna powers seem to be connected.
– But that does not mean everyone needs to CULTIVATE jhana. How did Minister Santati or Ven. Culapanthaka attain abhinna powers? Did they cultivate jhanas?
– Of course, one could cultivate ANARIYA jhana to higher levels (above the fourth jhana) and attain abhinna powers. Devadatta did. But he lost all that and was reborn in a niraya!

#3. We do know that Angulimala killed almost a thousand people. Did he not attain Arahanthood?
– Unless one has done an anantara papa kamma (killing a parent,an Arahant, etc), even Arahanthood is not ruled out.
– “Account of Angulimāla – Many Insights to Buddha Dhamma

#4 Yes.

#5 The term “cetovimutti” implies vimutti, which normally refers to Nibbana.
– I don’t think the word cetovimutti can be used to describe any person who has attained even the highest jhana and abhinna powers. Obviously, Devadatta had not attained cetovimutti. He had cultivated anariya jhana and also had abhinna powers at one time. He ended up in a niraya.
– Those who attain Ariya jhana and cultivate them all the way to the highest gets to Arahanthood; they are Cetovimutta Arahants. But there are pannavimutta Arahants who had not cultivated jhana and attain Nibbana. Then there are Arahants like Ven. Sariputta, Ven. Culapanthaka, Minister Santati who are both cetovimutta and pannavimutta Arahants.