Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Sorry, I misunderstood the Chachaka sutta.
Goenkaji’s talks on the 10 day courses are available on You Tube and I plan on listening to all of them again and have a meaningful discussion.
But I do remember him explaining that the sensations we experience are the sankarras. When we learn to watch them in a detached way they arise and pass away, but if we react to them, they will multiply and get worse.
We are reducing our avidya gradually as we progress.
I remember after doing a course in 2011, I stopped practicing and did a another one in 2015.
He recommends sitting 1 hour in the morning and evening. I would do it for a few days and
then it will reduce to 1 hour and then to 30 minutes and slowly to zero practice.
In 2016 I went for a one day refresher course and on my first sit in the evening I could feel some discomfort on my legs. Instead of observing impartially I was thinking how uncomfortable it
was and very quickly I experienced a sharp pain and almost jumped and stood up.
He tells us that all sensations (pleasant and unpleasant) will arise and pass away.
We have to learn to be aware of every sensation in the body and just learn to observe.
He compare awareness and equanimity to the two wings of a bird. In order to progress on the path
to nibhana, we need both.
He gives a little more detail on the 20 day course.
Anyone who does a 10 day vipassana course will have a life changing experience, but the key is
to continue the practice at home and go back and do the another retreat as and when required.
After doing 1 ten day course, students are eligible to do a self course a home.