Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


raj wrote: “The vipassana technique is explained in depth in the Chachaka sutta MN 148 (six sets of six) where the Buddha tells us to train and be disenchanted to the sensations. By sitting without moving one can experience the sensation of pain dissolve and disappear, once can witness and experience the truth of anicca (all sensations are temporary).”

This is a complete misunderstanding of Chachaka sutta AND vedananupassana in Satipatthana bhavana.

Chachaka sutta MN 148 is about samphassa, samphassa-ja-vedana, and how those lead to attachment to sensory inputs and accumulation of bad kamma.
– Vedananupassana is all about being aware of such “samphassa-ja-vedana” and stopping them from arising.

As I have discussed in many posts, samphassa (san + phassa) arises when lobha, dosa, moha arise in a mind.
– For example, upon seeing eye-catching object greed and greed-induced joyful sensation arises and we get attached to it. When seeing an enemy angry thoughts can arise. Both could lead to unwise actions.

In Satipatthana bhavana, one needs to be mindful and not attach to such “samphassa-ja-vedana” and act unwisely. That is being mindful.
– It is NOT about bodily feelings!

I just did a search for “samphassa” and came up with the following results:
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Please read some of those and try to understand the basis of real Bhavana.

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